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  • What can I expect from an appointment with you?
    Whatever your heart desires*! No two appointments are the same and I don't have a checklist way of working as I provide a unique, individualized experience to each client. I will warn you though, that if we sit down and start talking, I'm happy to hold a conversation for the entire appointment unless you stop me- dinner reservations or other plans be damned! I will always come prepared for anything that could happen and my only plan is to respect you and your time and make sure you leave thinking our time spent together was worthwhile. If you have specific plans in mind for how we spend our time together, let me know when you inquire about an appointment. But like I said, I do not provide a "checklist" experience as an organic interaction will always be more fulfilling for all parties involved. What I ask from you is that you are clean and well-groomed, respectful and kind. Please pay the agreed upon amount upfront by placing it in a visible area or on the bathroom counter so we can relax and enjoy our time together. *Within reason. I do not offer illegal services and I maintain the right to withdraw consent at all times.
  • What precautions are you taking during the COVID 19 pandemic?
    I take the pandemic very seriously and while I initially switched to online-only work at the start of lockdown, it was not a sustainable plan. I realized that my return to seeing in-person clients would have to be an arbitrary date of my choice as I am not able to meet my financial needs if I wait until a vaccine has been developed, distributed, and working effectively. Even before the current situation, I was low volume seeing 1-3 clients per week. I will continue to be low volume and aim to see 1 client every two weeks as I transition back into meeting people so I can monitor my own health. Outside of seeing clients, I practice social distancing and self-quarantine. I stay home including getting groceries delivered and only go out for solo walks and activities as well as to go to doctor's appointments. I regularly monitor myself for symptoms including taking my temperature daily. If you are interested in booking with me, please also be practicing social distancing. I'm not currently open to seeing clients who are traveling or interacting with a large social circle regularly. The morning of your appointment you will receive a brief survey from me about Corona Virus symptoms and precautions you have been taking. So that I can make a more informed decision about the risks I might be taking. Thank you for your cooperation with this survey in advance and for not booking if you have symptoms or have tested positive in order to keep the community as safe as possible. Please let me know if precautions such as gloves and masks during our appointment would make you more comfortable.
  • What kind of clients do you like to see?
    I am open and happy to see all clients who are kind and respectful people! Anyone who is compliant with my screening, consice and friendly in their messages, and clean and prepared in person is someone I would love to spend time with. I do not care about your age, looks, or job. I am happy to see individuals, couples, or groups including people who are curious about seeing a sex worker or experimenting with their sexuality. I do not discrimate and am happy to see cis men and women along with, trans, non-binary, genderqueer/fluid people and people of all identites. I see people of all races, queer people, people with disabilities, and people of all body types. I hope that my space is inclusive and welcome to all people.
  • What is the best way to contact you?
    Please contact me through email or through the contact form on my website. I direct all questions on Twitter to my website or email. Previous clients may contact me by text but I do not accept phone calls. I do not email or text casually about non-appointment related subjects.
  • Do you offer incall appointments?
    No, I am currently outcall only and do not offer incall appointments in Austin. Please do not ask as I will update all of my information if this has changed. I am happy to visit you at your private residence or a 4-5 star hotel but I do not see clients at my home, for "car dates", and I will not book my own hotel room to see you. If you inquire about an incall your message will be ignored. The only time I offer incall appointments is sometimes when I am traveling to other cities. To see if I am making a trip to your city and offering incalls or outcalls, please review my availability page.
  • Do you offer same day appointments?
    No, I do not offer same day appointments. Almost always, I require at least 24 hours' notice when booking an appointment but I would prefer at least 3 days notice as it is the best way to ensure we will find a time that works with both of our schedules. One of the things I love about this job is it allows me to have a flexible schedule and I fill my time with working, seeing friends, working out, having scheduled down time, and enjoying my hobbies. Taking short notice appointments would require me to put other aspects of my life on the back burner as I'd have to cancel what I had planned to do with my time and it's important to my health and happiness to maintain a balanced life.
  • Do you offer doubles?
    Yes! I now offer doubles sessions with a few select friends here in Austin. Please send me an email if you're interested in seeing me with one of my friends. For doubles sessions, both of our rates are required and additional screening and deposits are up to the discretion of my partner.
  • What will you be wearing?
    My style reflects my age and I like to wear trendy, comfortable clothes- think realistic girl next door. Sometimes my style is extremely girly and sometimes it's more edgy. If you are expecting a girl in a tight mini dress with six inch heels, I am not the girl for you. As I am recovering from a broken ankle, I am no longer able to wear heels but I can still have a classic, presentable style for more upscale outtings. Underneath my clothes, I am always wearing a matching bra and panties. I do not accept wardrobe requests from first time clients but if I see you regularly we can discuss what you are looking for.
  • How can I show my appreciation?
    Any client who is respectful, clean and considerate is already showing they appreciate me. However, I do love getting gifts and anything you give me past the agreed upon amount for the time we spent together is considered a gift. I do have an Amazon wishlist if you want to surprise me with a gift. I do not allow clients to buy me lingerie as usually the style or size doesn't work for me, but I do appreciate a gift card to Victoria's Secret, Target, or Frederick's if you'd like me to pick out something to wear just for you. If you'd like to feed my coffee habit, a Starbucks or Panera gift card is always welcome. Or feed my shopping addiction with a Forever21, Sephora, Rue21, or Kohl's gift card. Some places I have never tried lingerie from but would love to some day are Honey Birdette and Agent Provocateur.
  • Do you see people who have never done this before?
    I am happy to meet with people of all experience levels who are open to passing my screening. Reading my website thoroughly can help you know what to expect when meeting me. If you are nervous about our meeting, just know first date jitters are normal but meeting me is better than a normal first date as you can be open and honest about your expectations and desires.
  • What if I need to cancel?
    I understand that unforeseen circumstances happen but I ask that if you have to cancel within 24 hours of our appointment, that you pay a cancellation fee. If you do not pay the cancellation fee, you will not be able to book another appointment in the future. Paying the cancellation fee assures me that you are reliable and respectful of my time despite an emergency situation and it keeps you from being added to my and other companions 'do not see' list. On the rare occasion I have to cancel on short notice (which has happened less than a handful of times in the many years I've been meeting with people), I will let you know as soon as possible. I never cancel because of scheduling issues and I have only canceled previously to avoid getting anyone sick.
  • Where can I follow you online?
    You can find me on Twitter as well as on the sites Preferred 411 and eccie. I also have a profile on MyFreeCams as I started out as a camgirl and I occasionally still hop online. You can also buy videos and photo sets from me here as well as on ManyVids. Any other websites claiming to be me or to represent me are not me.
  • What online services do you offer?
    As well as meeting people in-person, I dedicate a lot of my time to making online videos. I find them a great way to be creative and get to work with other amazing people in the industry. I specialize in girlfriend experience, fetish, and submissive content. I also create custom videos and photo sets as well as specialized services like personalized dick reviews. You can find information about my videos and other services on my ManyVids page and Twitter. If you are interested in one-on-one time with me but are unable to visit with me face-to-face, I offer texting services as well as Skype calls. I also run an OnlyFans if you are interested in seeing more casual daily content from me. It's a great way to see more of my personality and looks before meeting me in-person.
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