Hi, I'm Ivy. Thank you so much for checking out my website and for being interested in learning more about me! I am young, fun, and silly. But I'm also well-educated, highly self-aware, and sexually adventurous. I have been a companion for over four years and I found my way to this work by exploring how I could spend time doing what I love, as well as help people be happy and foster companionship. I can be the girl next door you never knew you were looking for by providing friendship, fun, and satisfaction. I am so grateful and humbled by this job and I'm thankful to anyone who invites me to be part of their lives for an hour or maybe longer.


In my free time, I love exploring the food and nature Austin has to offer. I also love dancing, doing yoga, reading, and spending time with friends (and my cats). I love hearing what other people are passionate about especially if you have unique interests. My unique interests include podcasts and YouTube videos, learning about death practices in different cultures, and of course, learning about sex and relationships. I love meeting new people and having new experiences. I am selective with my clients which allows me to dedicate time and energy to every person I meet.

Likes: Exploring new cities, cold brew, trying new things (but preferably with someone to help guide me), cats, french fries and milkshakes, Young Adult fiction, bao, hiking, musicals and live shows, watching bad tv shows, men's plaid shirts, makeup, gummy worms, and craft cocktails.

Dislikes: Drama, taking my makeup off before bed, people who are rude including lateness, ghosting, or insults, mustard, pickles, and the US healthcare system.

Personality: I am a bold and outgoing person who loves to talk and laugh. I like to think I am funny and I know I can at least tell entertaining stories. I've been told I can make people feel comfortable in social situations. I love learning about other people but prefer for people to share what they are comfortable with so I don't pry. I would not always be described as chill or laidback and I am always honest so I cannot always pretend to be happy all the time. But I love meeting with clients and I work hard to make sure that it is a time we can both enjoy. I am always true to who I am and supportive of people I feel a connection with.

Background: I'm originally from Britain but I grew up all over the world. I have lived in Austin for eight years. In high school, I was a big nerd and did as many extracurriculars as I could including debate, model UN, and marching band. I was raised a dog person but I grew up to be a cat person. The job I have the most experience at outside sex work is a Starbucks barista but I've worked many different places from a law office and a monogram store.

Education: I have Bachelors of Arts in Archaeology and Sociology with a minor in art history. If I decide to continue my schooling I would like to get a Masters in Library Science

How I got into sex work: In college, I began posting nude photos anonymously on a blog for fun and gained 7000 followers in three months. I had always had an interest in sex and sexuality but I never considered doing this as a career as I was focused on school. I then decided that I wanted to explore it further and see if I could make money doing it and became a cam girl. I did that part-time in college for several years (and dipped my toes in the sugar baby world) while working part-time but after college, I ended up doing further research into companionship after working sixty-hour-a-week full-time jobs in fields I wasn't interested in. I have also found that other jobs don't allow me the flexibility I need to take care of my health. I love the personal connection that comes with meeting people in-person and have found this to be the perfect job for me.


I reserve the right to refuse any arrangement at any time including during an appointment where I may leave without reimbursement.


This site does not promote illegal activities. Fees paid to me are for my time only. Any activities that take place during an appointment are between two consenting adults and not contracted for by the site or its creator(s).​

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