Corona Virus Precautions

I take the pandemic very seriously and while I initially switched to online-only work at the start of lockdown, it was not a sustainable plan. I realized that my return to seeing in-person clients would have to be an arbitrary date of my choice as I am not able to meet my financial needs if I wait until a vaccine has been developed, distributed, and working effectively. Even before the current situation, I was low volume seeing 1-3 clients per week. I will continue to be low volume and aim to see 1 client every two weeks as I transition back into meeting people so I can monitor my own health.


Outside of seeing clients, I practice social distancing and self-quarantine. I stay home including getting groceries delivered and only go out for solo walks and activities as well as to go to doctor's appointments. I regularly monitor myself for symptoms including taking my temperature daily.


If you are interested in booking with me, please also be practicing social distancing. I'm not currently open to seeing clients who are traveling or interacting with a large social circle regularly.


The morning of your appointment you will receive a brief survey from me about Corona Virus symptoms and precautions you have been taking. So that I can make a more informed decision about the risks I might be taking. Thank you for your cooperation with this survey in advance and for not booking if you have symptoms or have tested positive in order to keep the community as safe as possible. Please let me know if precautions such as gloves and masks during our appointment would make you more comfortable.


I reserve the right to refuse any arrangement at any time including during an appointment where I may leave without reimbursement.


This site does not promote illegal activities. Fees paid to me are for my time only. Any activities that take place during an appointment are between two consenting adults and not contracted for by the site or its creator(s).​

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